Want to win $2,000 worth of RAZOR DOLL?


We have never launched a contest as big as this.....50 Prizes in total!  

GRAND PRIZE Four full curated VIP Boxes with merchandise totaling over $2,000K. Your FREE subscription will include our Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2018 and Spring 2019 boxes. Each box contains around $450 worth of merchandise. You also receive 50% off 2 items in the shop EVERY month. Additional bonus add on and specials only available to VIP.  

Our curated boxes will contain everything from forward fashion style with an edge such as our corsets or retro dresses. Luxury accessories and jewelry items are part of the essential accessories included in each box. Beauty and spa items complete the package with full size items form some of the best indie and alternative makeup brands.  

Are you ready to be a vixen!?  


All you need to do is win the contest, doll. xoxo  

Here is a little secret....there is more than one prize!

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Runner Ups:  

A FREE Razor Doll Corset for those lucky winners. Cinched tight, lace and ready to rock. Retail value $64.99

4th to 10th Place Runner Ups:  

A FREE vintage retro dress for those in 5th to 10th place. Retail value of $74.99


Place 11th to 20th place:  

Dolls, you are getting some fabulous jewelry all on us. Retail value of $24.00


21st place to 50th place:  

A FREE $10 bonus card to use when shopping on Razor Doll. Yes---that is also known as RAZOR DOLL CASH Retail value of $10.00


MAKE SURE TO ENTER YOUR BEST EMAIL - more prizes, giveaways and VIP box info will be coming your way. 

BONUS >>>> Enter the contest and be the first notifed when we are open for orders on May 18th. The first 100 people will get a special mystery gift as a bonus! 


Fierce, forward thinking intellectual women who rock provocative seduction from the inside out. Stimulating minds create stimulating looks--with freedom from society's conventions. Razor Dolls love clothes and even better---alternative fashion. We are rockabilly, steampunk, gothic and everything in between. Art, rock 'n roll and seductive minds define us. We are Razor Dolls from the inside first---the clothes simply add to our strong feminine individuality.  

The Razor community lives on the edge as individuals but we share a love of fierce seductive fashion, design, and well....lots of things. Perhaps, it’s simply the idea of living life confidently with a bit of sex appeal and rebellion--for ourselves. We envelop our bodies and minds because a Razor Doll rejects the normal staples of society---and embraces free thinking and unorthodox and radical ideas. The clothes are simply the icing on the cake---and it sure is delicious.  

We came together to create Razor Doll community because we felt there was a void between our straightforward female thinking and sexy online shopping, combined with exceptional customer service. We are creating all three. Our goal is to deliver a shopping experience that will leave you delighted with your purchase and wanting to come back for more---and more again. (Once is never enough around here).  

Are you a Razor Doll?